Gas Burger Tbilisi Review

Updated: 15 March, 2022 seen 378

Gas Burger on Marjanishvili street Tbilisi is among my latest discoveries from Tbilisi eatery's. In short  - a very good place, where rich burgers and milk shakes are served. A little but ecletic - I would call this a Turkish interpretation of American burger house - huge posters from 50-ties, juke box and combos.

Oh, I get what this place reminds me - another Elvis restaurant. Huh, seems I don't have review about Elvis bistro on my blog. Anyhow, the story is about Gas Burger.

Gas Burger in Tbilisi

Gas Burger in Tbilisi

It was a Fridays night and we decided to take a walk on David Agmanashebeli avenue, and ended up near Marjanishvili metro square - and here it was - Burger House Gas.

We dived in - get a table and very large menus with a lot of food items.

Menu at Burger Gas

The menu at Burger Gas

You might wonder, why at the start of this article I named this a Turkish place - simple, the menu is written in Georgian, English and you name it - Turkish.

While we browsed the menu to decide what to order an Azeri guy entered this place with bunch of roses and offered to people sitting next to the tables to buy at least one. Nobody bought, it was time for me to shine - and I decided to give a little romantic to our burger evening by buying a rose from this guy.

Coca cola and rose

Coca cola and rose

Turns out this was a special rose - Angela a variety of rose he had bought back in Riga in 1979. There is always a story - don't be shy - talk to people around you, learn their stories. That makes our lives much more interesting rather than just eating just another burger, for example. There should be a story.

Large burger and French fries

Large burger and French fries

Delicious, the hungry man will always appreciate burgers like this. 

The Bottom Line

Excellent Burger house in Tbilisi, with eclectic elements from American, Turkish and of course Georgian cultures. The most I enjoyed, people were sitting here and just sipping tea. You won't see this in US, I believe, but in Tbilisi - magic happens.

Our bill here  -about 60 lari for two huge combos and two additional milk shakes.


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