Giorgi Margvelashvili new president of Georgia

Updated: 27 October, 2021 seen 612

Yesterday popular vote happened in Georgia and according to exit poll results, the winner is Giorgi Margvelashvili. This man will be the president of Georgia for the next 5 years.

Previously I have written, that I have not a much clue, who is this guy. And still, I prog-nosed that he will be elected. But I have this feeling, that after 5 years, he might become a really popular person in Georgian society. 

You might say, well isn't he popular already, if been elected as president, with some 68%? Well, yes and no.

He is a person of Bidzina Ivanishvili - he was appointed by him. Even in Georgian internet portals announcing winner, was not written his name, but "Candidate from "Georgian Dream" wins the elections".

Some are saying, they are so arrogant about Mrs. Sakashvili's presidency, they don't care who is the new president. On other hand, the activity in this is the popular vote, was kinda a low - about 45% took a vote.

I would like to wish a much stronger and will, for newly elected president - work for better Georgia - all his next 5 years of presidency.

And believe you me - people saying - he is a bad guy, or some other bulsh*t, after 3 years you gonna call him your best buddy. I'm sure PR agencies will help him to achieve this.