Gravel and Crushed Stone For Foundation

Updated: 31 August, 2016 seen 720

This Summer I will need a lot of gravel and crushed stone for home remodeling tasks, mainly for foundation sealing works.

Some time ago (while digging a pond),  I negotiated a few cubic meters of gravel from neighbor, who was sealing surface of the road meanwhile, it turned out that neighbors' gravel was not ideal for foundation as it consisted from clay particles, and we decided re-use clay/gravel for rock garden instead. 

I had no chance but to look for other source for gravel and crushed stone. I found a gravel quarry and ordered a load of gravel and crushed stone. Today I got the delivery. Cool. 

Pile of gravel and crushed stone

In total it's about 3 cubic meters of gravel and about one cubic meter crushed stone. 

Crushed stone

Now, I have already started digging trenches around existing house foundation, and next is to buy a concrete mixer and a lot of sacks of concrete powder. Exciting!