How To Add a Custom Token Balance in is a free, open-source, client-side tool for easily & securely interacting with the Ethereum network.

I'm not an expert in MyEtherWallet usage, in fact, I discovered it just recently, when faced a need to swap tokens from Waves platform.

Around the middle of August, I decided to take participation in my first ico, and I opted for a Golden Fleece tokens, which back then were served on, see: Invest in Georgia - First Georgian Crypto Currency - "Golden Fleece Token" ICO

By the end of September, developers of Golden Fleece project announced about a swap

We switch from Waves to Ethereum platform with a purpose to improve ICO process and reach a larger group of investors.

At the start, I mistakenly sent my tokens to Coinbase account, but with the help of Golden Fleece dev team we figured it out, and guys agreed to fix this if I will provide MyEtherWallet address:

coinbase doesnt support Tokens, unless they give you private key of that wallet, which they will not :) there is some recovery tool if you use there multisig, but we havent dealt with that

And that's how I ended using MyEtherWallet. 

I will not cover details on how to create a new address here, just stick with the topic with this article:

How To Add a Custom Token Balance in

Once you are sure, that you have received custom tokens on MyEtherWallet (use or scanners to check your balance), try searching for your tokens under Show Tokens, and if you can't see it here, click on Add Custom Token.

Add custom token on MyEtherWallet

Add custom token on MyEtherWallet

In Address field enter the contract address, for example, Golden Fleece token 0x26607f9bf9d62a37b0c78e1d3719fcd1fa32bef9

Token Symbol, enter your custom symbol, for Golden Fleece it is GFL

Decimals, it might differ, but in most cases, it is 18. To check, open search for your address, and look under tokens:

View tokens on

View tokens on

From here, click on View Tokens:

Token details on

Token details on

Now, when returning to wallet info, you should see your custom token balance:

Custom token balance on MyEtherWallet

Custom token balance on MyEtherWallet

Optional Not a valid ERC-20 token

If you encounter Not a valid ERC-20 token error, double check that you have entered all information right. I got this error several times until discovered that I have been entering wrong contract address in the address field. Again, is your best friend to investigate.

Hope that helps, as usual, if you have any comments, please drop a line or two below in the comments section.