How To Create an Upcoming Posts Page in Drupal Using Views

Updated: 8 February, 2023 seen 1,036

In this Drupal Development tutorial, I will walk you through the process of creating an "Upcoming Posts" page in Drupal using the Views module.

Future posts are an essential aspect of maintaining a well-organized blog, and this tutorial aims to provide an easy solution for filtering future posts in the Drupal admin panel.

By default, Drupal does not come equipped with the "Upcoming Posts" feature, making it challenging to filter future posts in the content admin panel. However, with the help of the Views module, it is possible to achieve this.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to display future posts using Drupal Views:

  1. Create a new view with a page display and give it a name, such as "Upcoming," and a path, such as "/upcoming."
  2. Add fields to the view, such as title, post date, and edit, etc.
  3. Change the display format to a table.
  4. Add a filter for the post date and set it to "Is Greater than = now."
  5. In the Page settings tab, change the access to "Role" and add an authenticated role.
  6. Save the view, and your "Upcoming Posts" page should now be available.

With this guide, you can now easily create an "Upcoming Posts" page in Drupal. I hope this article has been helpful and I look forward to your comments.