How To export Image from Video File in Adobe Premiere Pro

Lately, I've put my DSLR camera aside and mostly using DJI Mavic AIr 2 + phone for photography and video (mostly video). 

The drone is an awesome replacement for a DSLR camera - you can have both video and photography, the only drawback - no audio, that's why I'm using a phone. 

anyhow, recently I discovered an awesome place here in Georgia, the restaurant Salty Garden, I did some drone videography, did some mobile videos, made a nice short clip at the end, but I forget to take any photography - so I was left with no other option - export a single frame (s) from Adobe Premiere

And here is how:

From your timeline, with the frame selected press CTRL+SHIFT+E (or locate export frame icon under the selected video)

Export Frame from Adobe Premiere Pro

Export Frame from Adobe Premiere Pro

You will be prompted to select the Format and chose the location. I chose JPEG (though you can export also BMP, DPX, GIF, JPEG, OpenEXR, PNG, Targa and Tiff)

Next, I can import selected frames in Adobe Lightroom and fine-tune.

Hope this helps!