How I Made $2,135.03 with Google AdSense in 8 years

Updated: 9 September, 2017 seen 201

Wow, it has been already 8 years, since I've been using Google AdSense to monetize online content. Amazing how fast time flies - It was at late night of September 4th, 2009, when I finally decided to give it a try for Google AdSense.

You know what's more amazing? Half of that amount I made in the last year alone. See: How I Made $1,000 with Google AdSense in 7 years

Back then, 8 years ago, I had a dozen of "web-projects", mostly powered by WordPress, I was exploring different niches and put a lot of time and energy in too many directions. I decided to try to monetize my efforts - and of course, I was thinking - I will make those million dollars overnight. I didn't. Actually, my most valuable asset back at those days generated me just about 6,000 monthly users (monthly, not daily). I made about four dollars in the first month, and maybe $10 four months later.

Soon I stopped my huge efforts on building the next big thing, and AdSense dollars stopped rolling in at all. From 2011 until the end of 2013 I was not using Google AdSense actively (from reports I can see, I have made a dollar, or two, maybe four dollars per month in some of the months during that period).

In October 2013 (that's about 3 years ago), I decided to stop spreading my efforts on many smaller projects and launched simple, personal blog, the one you are currently reading. See: It's official now - domain name is on

Most of the money I have made with Google AdSense I have made with this blog in a period 2014 - 2017. With the last year being the top performing (about half or $1,044.36). My blog currently receives about 100,000 monthly users. That has been a huge leap over the years.

I have no clue where the next year will take me, but it would be awesome to double earnings from Google AdSense, and at the end of the 9th year to report - $4,000.

The Bottom Line

Looking at these numbers right now, they don't impress me much, but let's agree that it has been a nice smart passive income for the past 8 years