Welcome to my third attempt of being a food bloger, today I will demonstrate how one (perhaps you) can make a home-made noodles by using a macaroni machine.

I believe just like in my previous food blog posts I will learn some new English culinary language.

Ingredients you will need: flour, eggs, salt and a macaroni machine.

We bought our macaroni machine here in Georgia some years ago already, if you don't have one, take your chances and browse on amazon.com

Lets dig in:

Ingredients for fresh Egg Pasta - Flour, Eggs and salt

Add Flour to a bowl (make a small cavity to put eggs in)

Add egg to a flour

Add eggs to a flour

Knead your pasta

Oh, I spent some 40 minutes of kneading this egg pasta, it requires a lot of muscle strength and patience. 

Kneaded pasta

Once you have finished your pasta kneading, make a ball shape of it and put it in fridge for some 30 minutes (at least)

A Macaroni Machine

Meanwhile fix your macaroni machine on the table

Divided pasta dough

Divide your pasta in smaller pieces to make it easier to work with macaroni machine

Rolling pin

Take your rolling pin to roll out pasta dough

Roll out pasta dough using Macaroni machine

Pasta being rolled out using macaroni machine

Author of this blog captured in action

Making noodles using macaroni machine

Making noodles using macaroni machine

So simple. in some of my next food blogger posts I will show how you can make some noodle based food.

Words I learned today: rolling pin; cavity

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