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Azerbaijan vs UAE: Comparing the Oil-rich Countries' GDP and Living Standards

7 October, 2013 seen 1,219
Have you read the recent article on NYTimes about Azerbaijan's ambitious plan to become famous? Azerbaijan, like UAE, is an oil-rich country with aspirations for growth and development. In this post, we will compare the GDP and living…

The State of Ukraine's Economy: A Look Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union

7 October, 2013 seen 2,819
Ukraine, a country once considered as an integral part of the Soviet Union, has had a checkered economic history since its independence. Despite being one of the largest economies in Eastern Europe, Ukraine's GDP per capita has always…

A Look at the 2013 GDP Forecasts for Baltic States and Caucasus

6 October, 2013 seen 1,492
t is fascinating to compare the economic growth of the Baltic states and Caucasus regions and make predictions on their future growth. The competition between these two regions to achieve a GDP of 100 billion USD is intense. In 2012, the…

Comparing the Economy of Nordic Countries: 2012 GDP and Per Capita Results

5 October, 2013 seen 2,551
The Nordic region, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, is known for its high standard of living and robust economies. In 2012, these countries combined had a total GDP of 1.603 trillion USD, which is a significant…

Baltic States vs Caucasus Region: A Comparison of GDP in 2012

3 October, 2013 seen 3,788
The Baltic states and Caucasus region both have unique economic landscapes that make for an interesting comparison. Let's start by looking at the GDP in each of the six countries in 2012. Azerbaijan was the wealthiest country with 67.2…