How To Fix Missing Portfolio Tab Interactive Brokers TWS Trading Platform

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Interactive Brokers is a damn good brokerage account where you can trade stocks, options, and futures, I've been amazed by this brokerage account for years.

Sometimes some glitch happens, but nothing too serious - one such glitch happening - is a missing Portfolio tab in Classic TWS.

I should note I have faced this on my MacBook only - might be or not be related to the TWS versions, not sure.

It happens when you log in to the TWS, there is no Portfolio tab:

Missing portfolio tab in Classic TWS

In my case it was showing only Watchlist tab. I tried to add new Portfoio tab by pressing +, but nothing actually really worked as expected.

In the past I have spent good time figuring out how to get back Portfolio tab, sometimes I was able to find it and drag it in from the finder menu, clicking on the TWS icon and pressing - show all windows (sometimes Portfolio tab is in a seperate window in Mac)

anyhot, I found a much easir and simpler solution

From Account - > Portfolio Window

Portfolio window

And it brings back Portfoio window under a seperate tab.

Portfolio view in IBKR Classic TWS

Hope it helps! If so, please leave a comment below!