June 2018 Dividend Income Report - $147.44

Welcome to the #14 dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from the dividend-paying stocks (Baltic and European) and peer to peer lending (both fiat and cryptocurrencies).

Last June turned out much better than I thought before, more precisely it turned better $40 thanks to the bitcoin lending on Poloniex.com 

The total income generated in June was the highest so far for 2018.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to mintos.com peer to peer lending website, by clicking on links on this page and by making an investment on mintos.com, I might earn affiliate income at no cost to you. Also, I'm not a financial advisor and I don't give you any advice, I'm just sharing my own experience. Investments in stocks, funds, bonds or cryptos are risk investments and you could lose some or all of your money. Do your due diligence before investing in any kind of asset. 

Interest income in June 2018

From the stocks, Mintos.com peer to peer lending  and from cryptocurrency lending on Poloniex.com I got following income last month:

Name Ticker June 2018
Poloniex.com:   €41.02
Mintos.com:   €36.76
Nordecon: NCN1T €21.60
Kauno Energija: KNR1L €10.60
Tallinna Vesi: TVEAT €9.72
Volta Finance: AMS:VTA €9.28
Total   €128.98 / $ 147.44

In total there were 6 great companies paying me dividends in June. As the biggest surprise comes interest made on Poloniex, in June I made in interest 0.007 BTC, (equals to about EUR 41.02) which is somehow strange, as usually, I don't make more than 0.00015 BTC. per month with bitcoin lending.

After the great month of May, when interest earned with Mintos peer to peer lending cracked EUR 50, this June looks humble, there are two reasons why - there were no cashback payments in June, and one of the biggest lenders on the platform - Mogo group stopped paying late payment fees (whatever that means).

There is one more thing what happened with Mintos last month - they removed/stopped or most probably get banned from Georgian bank and stopped to accept direct deposits in Georgian National Currency Lari. Lari is the reason I started to invest with Mintos, now not being able to deposit lari directly on the platform - platform doesn't look interesting for me anymore and I'm not planning to invest here anymore

Me: Hi guys, just noticed there is no more an option to deposit GEL via Paysera (Liberty bank) is it a temp glitch or no more direct GEL investments on mintos platform?

Thanks for looking into this
Mintos Support: Hello Reinis! Currently there is no possibility to transfer funds in GEL, but we are looking for other opportunities and will inform investors once there will be some news.
ME: Ok,thanks for the information
Mintos Support: You are welcome!

In June I decided to accumulate whatever amount I can from Mintos and reinvest in European or US stocks. 

Speaking of them, June was the first month I got dividend payment from European stock (Volta Finance) and actually, I was looking to get another European dividend from Atrium Real estate, but seems will get it at the start of July.

The YoY growth rate for my dividend income in June is 189.61%. Awesome that's exactly USD 96.53 more than a year ago.

Monthly income to the date

The cumulative earnings for 2018 are $599.98 which is about 50% of my goal for 2018 ($1200)

2017 in Review and Financial Goals for 2018

Monthly Income chart as of June 2018

Monthly Income chart as of June 2018

On the average, I should pull about $100 each month for the next 6 months to reach my $1200 goal for 2018. Right now it seems I'm on the right track, but it might get complicated, as there are both higher end months with forecasted income up to $200/mo and unfortunately there are a couple of months left in the year when income could be lower than  $100/mo. I hope it will even out at the end.

Dividend Income Meter June 2018

Dividend Income Meter June 2018

Goals for June 2019

This is my favorite part of the reports - trying to forecast/set goals for the next year. Before setting goals for June 2019 dividend income, let's see what I forecasted for this June

In next June, I'm looking at dividend income at $150. For sure, that will ask to invest much more, one of the things I'm looking to do next year - to buy and hold US stocks, for that I'm looking to open a discount stock brokerage account and deposit at least $10,000. 

Well, almost made it to $150. Though I still don't have any US stock in my portfolio, I do have opened a discount stock brokerage account with less than $10.000

My goal for June 2019 is dividend income of $200. Should be easy.