Keti's Bistro

Updated: 26 January, 2022 seen 154

Keti's Bistro is another stylish  Tbilisi restaurant located on Tamar Chovelidze street 3 (opposite to hotel Stamba)

My better part took me here just before the New Year 2020, and I found this place quite a chill. 

We agreed to order here some steaks before going to the Christmas market opposite the Radisson hotel. As we were out with our almost 18-month baby girl, we wanted to make sure we will go to a place with a lot of space and few people. During our time at Keti's bistro we were the only guests and that helped. Baby girl was happily running throughout the bistro, while we enjoyed the food. Win-Win

Steak in mushroom sauce in Keti's Bistro

Steak in mushroom sauce in Keti's Bistro

The steak was good. Sauce? Not this time. Potatoes? They were eatable. 

Christmas style interior at Keti's bistro

Christmas style interior at Keti's bistro

The Bottom Line

The place seems a bit too expensive for the quality of food. In total, we paid about GEL 110 for two steaks, some Coke and coffee.  That would be perfectly fine but as the quality of steaks was bit of lacking I felt a bit disappointed. But hey I have seen much more expensive places in Tbilisi.

The atmosphere was good, the location is OK. I could return here in the future.