Literatu street in Vilnius

Updated: 11 March, 2022 seen 622

The chances are you will love this narrow street in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania if you are an avid reader, writer or just a true hipster (OK, just joking). 

"Literatu street project" - formally name of the project. The wall with mounted artworks - dedications to the literature workers in the Vilnius old town.  Literatų str. is situated very close to the main street of the Vilnius Old Town Pilies str. and is one of the visited tourist places in Vilnius.

Literatu gatve in Vilnius

Artworks mounted on the walls of the Literatu street (Literatų gatvė) are dedicated to the literature workers: writers, translators, everyone who has link with Lithuania and is important for Lithuanian or world literature. 
Various outdoor-proof techniques: ceramics, sculpture, glass, wall painting. Project started at 2008 is pure private social initiative: authors donated their works for free.

Literatu gatve