Living in Georgia

I have been living in the Republic of Georgia, an amazing country, located in the Southern Caucasus, since April 2011. In this section, you will find articles, illustrated with rich photo and drone footage materials + insider stories, from my experience during my stay here. 

Hiking trip near Turtle Lake

4 March, 2022 | 81 views

Hiking trip near Turtle lake in Tbilisi, dining with Rapunzel and other fictional Disney characters near the Svan Tower, meeting real South African and Georgian friends near Bazaleti, tracing numbers and bitcoins back in Tbilisi. enjoy and…

And drones fly at Pasanauri

25 February, 2022 | 56 views

'Un droni lido Pasanauri '- or another strange but awesome weekend has been in our tapes - it was planned to visit Gudauri, but 16km from the skiing resort the road was blocked, we turned our car around and visited Ralph Schmidt in…

Experienced my second Earth Quake in Tbilisi

13 February, 2022 | 129 views

On February 13, 2022, late evening for the second time in my life, I felt tremors of an earthquake and they happened in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. According to the sources the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.4 with the epicenter in…

Bakuriani ski resort in Georgia

11 February, 2022 | 62 views

Bakuriani COOL - another awesome weekend has been on our tapes. The little one for the first time on skates and skis. Paragliding, chariot riding, and some investment opportunities. Enjoy the video and thumbs up!

How To Start a Restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia - Food Safety and Permissions

24 January, 2022 | 382 views

With this post, I'm starting a new series on the Doing Business in Georgia topic - opening and operating a profitable restaurant in Georgia. Turns out - I'm not only enjoying eating at Tbilisi restaurants but now I'm also looking to open…

Holiday Season

24 December, 2021 | 47 views

The holiday season in Tbilisi - or another awesome weekend has been recorded and sealed in our tapes - Fun at Tbilisi Golf club, picnic in the footsteps of Shavnabada monastery, and Christmas pre-party with Latvian Sunday School. Ho-Ho-Ho…

Got a Fewer After freezing Cold

16 December, 2021 | 35 views

For the last few days I have been exceling as an painter at my better part's Tbilisi Office. Yestwrday I decided to stay longer and finish most of the job, and by doing this at the end of the day I couldn't get a taxi on time and got cold…

Paint Job for Tbilisi Office 3.0 Part 1

14 December, 2021 | 87 views

At the start of December 2021, my better part decided its time to upgrade her company office to a more spacious and one.  The new office is located just a few hundred meters away from the previous one, but unlike the previous one, the new…

Mountain Biking At Birtvisi Canyon

10 December, 2021 | 43 views

Mountain biking at Birtvisi canyon / or after a long pause I took some drone footage again. Also, now I know the shortcut on how to get here in some 30-40 minutes from Tbilisi (via Amlevi). December 5, 2021

How to get Green Passport for a foreigner in Georgia

1 December, 2021 | 53 views

Foreign citizens and individuals with non-resident status in Georgia can now use the health ministry's newly launched application for confirming their Covid-related status during their stay in the country, while the government has also…