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Instagram app fails using GPS data offline

April 29, 2014
I have been playing around  with my brand new Android phone, with built in GPS. To make this true fun, I created my Instagram wall. But..It's pain, it's true pain in your ass. One of the main problems is when your WiFi is turned of, and you are not using mobile internet, like 3G. I hopped GPS will work, but it's...

Some magic with Drupal, Flickr and Georgia

April 24, 2014
Update: Further developments of both and instagram wall have been stopped. I have created a new Travel Map section instead. Since I bought my first Android phone so many new thoughts and ideas has run through my head - I mean in opportunities of development. One of them I already realized - I created...

Magti 3g internet in your phone

April 22, 2014
Recently I bought my first Android phone, one of the first things I did - I wanted to activate internet on it, I mean mobile internet rather WI-FI.Since I'm customer of Magti (Bani) I turned to Magti office on Rustaveli street to change my old SIM card to micro- SIM card by additional 5GEL charge. I was on rush, and I...

First test with MapMyRide app

April 21, 2014
Recently I bought my first Android phone with GPS function. And I decided it might help me in my bike riding exercises time. I did a quick app search on Google Play and found app called MapMyRide. To test, how this app is working, I turned on GPS on phone, took a marshrutka to Tbilisi mall. Here is...

Import your Instagram photos to your blog using Flickr + Flickstagram

April 21, 2014
Recently I bought my first Android phone, and I found Instagram app really useful. What I like the most is it's mapping options, so you can add latitude/longitude auto, if your GPS is turned on. Then I wanted to import my Instagram photos to my blog and found some problems with it. As I'm using Drupal as my...

My first mobile post

April 16, 2014
My first mobile post using Drupal powered blog.