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Instagram app fails using GPS data offline
I have been playing around  with my brand new Android phone, with built in GPS. To make this true fun, I created my Instagram wall. But..It's...
April 29, 2014
Some magic with Drupal, Flickr and Georgia
Update: Further developments of both and instagram wall have been stopped. I have created a new Travel Map section instead. Since I...
April 24, 2014
Magti 3g internet in your phone
Recently I bought my first Android phone, one of the first things I did - I wanted to activate internet on it, I mean mobile internet rather WI-FI....
April 22, 2014
First test with MapMyRide app
Recently I bought my first Android phone with GPS function. And I decided it might help me in my bike riding exercises time. I did a quick...
April 21, 2014
Import your Instagram photos to your blog using Flickr + Flickstagram
Recently I bought my first Android phone, and I found Instagram app really useful. What I like the most is it's mapping options, so you can add...
April 21, 2014
My first mobile post
My first mobile post using Drupal powered blog.
April 16, 2014