Many political leaders wont attend Sochi Olympic games

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 716

Russia is getting more and more pressure, and it seems Russia's ego will be undermined next year at Sochi Olymics.

First, German president announced , he wont attend Sochi, then White House informed that Barack Obama, wont be there, and now Frances president is informing he wont attend.

Well - it's not a biggy on one hand - it doesn't mean Olymipc teams of these countries wont attend. On other hand, as I said - Russia is getting more and more pressure.  

And I'm sure that after Olympics Russia will bite back - I'm even more than 100% sure that some interesting issues will arise after Sochi Olympics. For now Russia must act modest, to make this Olympics to happen at all (Of course Olympics will take place no doubts).

As you may know, in 1980 Moscow Olympic games, many so called Western countries - boycotted games, due to the fact that Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Now 34 years latter - Russia faces similar problems again. 


Till opening ceremony is left less than 50 days, and I guess some more western political leaders might announce about that he/she wont attend games. But right know, we have Germany, France and United States. Who gonna be next? Queen Elizabeth, or David Cameroon?