Matsoni House

Updated: 21 February, 2022 seen 340

Matsoni is a Georgian fermented milk product, kind of similar to yogurt. Made from cow’s milk. Now, there is even a Matsoni House, where some (probably you) can try this product served with honey or nuts and so on. There is even an ice cream made from Matsoni. 

Matsoni house is located just opposite to the Alaverdi Monastery, in the region of Kakheti, Georgia.

Matsoni house near Alaverdi monastery

If you are visiting the Alaverdi Monastery, it' s hard to miss this lovely place, located just opposite the cathedral. Smart.

Matsoni with honey and walnuts

Ice cream from Matsoni


The Bottom Line

Cool, interesting, delicious. Hope to see more Matsoni houses across Georgia soon!