Mazais Ansis Restaurant Near Valmiera

Updated: 15 February, 2022 seen 260

Mazais Ansis is a popular roadside cafeteria/restaurant located some 15 km from Valmiera town (if driving from Riga). This place serves a traditional Latvian cuisine.

When traveling to the Vidzeme region in Latvia, I love to take a stop here and have a lunch. Here comes my latest review back from Summer 2017.

Outdoor terrace at Mazais Ansis

The outdoor terrace at Mazais Ansis

Seems that at the nearby lake there are some water attractions available

Interior at Mazais Ansis

Interior at Mazais Ansis

Classical Latvian decors with modern touch

Meal at Mazais Ansis

A meal at Mazais Ansis

Typical "Latvian cuisine" - French fries with some salads and meat. Tastes good.

Mazais Ansis near Valmiera

Mazais Ansis near Valmiera

Wood carved sculptures are very popular across the Baltics (for sure in Latvia and Lithuania). See: Rural Tourism in Lithuania - Karpyne

The Bottom Line

Great place, friendly staff, modest prices. 


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