Valmiera & Cēsis 2021


Valmiera & Cēsis from a drone flight. Took a quick day trip from Riga on January 2, 2021, to visit some lesser-known places DJI Mavic Air 2, music by Scott Holmes - Discovery

Saint Simon's Church of Valmiera


Saint Simon's Church in Valmiera is one of the most noticeable objects in the city, located in the heart of the city on Bruņinieku iela 2. The architecture of St Simon's Church combines the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The church boasts 15th-16th century burial plaques of the city's notables, a pipe organ built in 1886 by a well-known European organ builder Friedrich Ladegast, and paintings on the pulpit and the organ loft made back in 1730. The church tower accommodates an exhibition space,…

Valmiera Music school


Valmiera music school is located next to the Gauja river banks on Pilskalna street 3 (Valmiera) I had a chance to explore the area at the start of January 2021, while doing a day trip to Valmiera and Cēsis. Discovered by accident, I decided to make some photography from a drone in this area.  Here is what I got: Valmiera music school To learn more, please visit (in Latvian)

Valmiera Market


Valmiera market is another market I've visited latelty in Latvia (See: Riga Central Market, Liepāja market and Kuldiga market).  Though I believe some could buy here goodies grown by local farmers, last time I visited this market (July 2017) all I could find was just flowers and plants. Valmiera market Residents of Valmiera come here every day for produce grown by local farmers, gardeners, ranchers and artisan food producers. Flowers and plants for sale at Valmiera market

Mazais Ansis Restaurant Near Valmiera


Mazais Ansis is a popular roadside cafeteria/restaurant located some 15 km from Valmiera town (if driving from Riga). This place serves a traditional Latvian cuisine. When traveling to the Vidzeme region in Latvia, I love to take a stop here and have a lunch. Here comes my latest review back from Summer 2017. The outdoor terrace at Mazais Ansis Seems that at the nearby lake there are some water attractions available Interior at Mazais Ansis Classical Latvian decors with modern touch…