Meet the New Roof (Pictures Before and After)

Updated: 26 March, 2016 seen 524

Yesterday we told Goodbye's to our old roof by setting up a large bonfire. Today we are saying hi to the new roof. Although officially major roof works were done a few days before - today is the day when final images of new roofing appear.

We still have some unfinished roof related works to do, but the final roof construction is here. To make a better understanding what's going out - see before and after.

What we got (before)

Moss covering the roof

Not only moss is covering roof, the construction is skew and what's major the right side of roofing is leaky. For a complete photo story of what we got, please see: home remodeling - how it all starts

What we turned to (After)

Metal roof installed

Yes, we lost one chimney, see:replacing roof - part 3: removing the old roofing (losing chimney) . The new roof is not only almost linear, but gives a much attractive and lively overall view.

What we got (Before)

Back view of the house

What we turned to (After)

New roofing

OK, I agree, with that uncut crosswind sheet it looks a bit ugly, but you got the idea. 

Speaking of second floor for this house, were gray planks can be see now,  I'm planing to install a huge window stretching full height and maximum weight (plenty of daylight inside). A huge outdoor terrace is planed back at the house. Will see, how it gone work out. There is still a lot of work to do - like changing bearing beams inside house and replacing walls. Yes, I know it's going to be a lot of hard work to do. Let's say this -  house is safe now, it's protected from rain water and future works can be started soon.