Roof Works, Part 5 - And once more let's remove old roofing

Updated: 12 March, 2016 seen 151

Think roof works are cool? In fact - roofing is one of the hardest works in construction and if you have decided by your own to replace your old roofing - think again! 

Anyway - let me show - how once again (See: Replacing Roof - Part 1: Removing old roofing) we removed old wooden shingles from our rural house back in Summer of 2015. This time I hired two workers to help me out with demolishing works and ...things moved quickly. We were able to completely remove old roofing from the second roof plane and collect the construction waste and transport to nearby meadow (to later burn it). Since the construction waste consisted just from the old wooden shingles - a nice fireplace was the only suitable option (Make sure you bookmark my blog - as latter I provide some cool pictures on burning that shingle actually)

Removing old roofing

As you can see the mess is pretty huge.

To make works faster today - I took chain saw, saw up lath, while my assistants followed me with axes' and a lot of hand power to break down those shingles. It was really good synced team work and we moved on quickly today.

Proposed fireplace location

Fireplace is located close to the pond, so if things go wrong, we have at least a pond nearby. In above picture you can see - new metal roof in front, old shingle roofing form the first roof plane in the background.

Cleared beams

Hooray - we have officially removed old roofing. For both sides it took about 3 weeks with a lot of interruptions to completely remove old roofing - while, on the other side we have already leveled beams and nailed first laths.

...and the waste is collected

Making a super huge fireplace

Now, it will take a few additional days or about a week, when we will actually start to cover up this beautiful old house with a new metal roofing. Did I just told beautiful? Yes, it really starts looking beautiful.