Mushtaidi Park in Tbilisi

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Mushtaidi park and garden in Tbilisi is great for activities with kids - it features a Ferris Wheel, choo-choo train, carousels and more. The entrance in the park is free, but there is a fee for carrousels. 

Park is well maintained and quite popular among locals. I first discovered this park a couple of years ago while cycling around Dinamo arena. 

Sculptures at Mushtaidi park

The Mushtaidi is one of the oldest parks in Tbilisi and was founded in the 1930s. The first garden on the site of 5 hectares was opened by Mir Fetekh-Agha Seyed Tavrizi, who arrived in Georgia from Iran in 1828. He was a religious leader of the Shiites in Azerbaijan in Iran. The name of the garden-mushtaid was also derived from its clerical rank. Source (Mushtaidi Garden - Mushtaidi Park)

The foundation of the Mushtaidi Garden is based on a sad story. (Google Translate form Georgian, see: მუშტაიდის ბაღი – Mushtaidi Park)

Mushtaidi was married to a beautiful Georgian woman - Nino, who bought her in Istanbul's captive market. Exiled from Iran, he chose Tbilisi to live at his request. The woman was no longer alive in Tbilisi, her parents were ill and had not died for a long time, she died in six months.
Beloved wife Mushtaid buried in front of the house and planted lots of red roses on her grave, mourning for her beloved wife. Around the grave resembled a large number of roses, shrubs, shrubs and tree plants, so began the cultivation of this remarkable garden, long and still referred to as the Mushtaidi Garden. Mushtaidi dug a 12-mile canal to irrigate the garden.

Attractions at Mushtaidi park

In the background: King David towers. This scenery resembles me a bit from New York's Central Park

It was on the open stage of the Mushtaidi Garden that Nicos Pirosman first saw the French singer Margarita. Others were holding concerts in the garden. Exhibitions were also held there, inviting visitors. That is where the first air balloon in the Caucasus was launched in 1882.

Ferris Wheel

Tens of thousands of unique plant varieties are planted in the Mushtaid Garden, including deciduous: gleedichia, elm, orphan, soap tree, paper tree, mulberry, and coniferous: Eldar pine, cedar, chop tree, many other shrubs and flower species, vines and more . The park is spread over 16 hectares. It also has its own nursery where tens of thousands of ornamental plants and flower buds are planted each year. There are many varieties of Chinese and Gorilla vines in the vineyard.

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