My Spain + Andorra Travel Guide

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This is a round-up post of our travel discoveries in Spain at the end of October 2014, particularly in the region of Catalonia. I hope it can inspire you if you are planning your trip to Catalonia. 

Our trip started at Tbilisi, went through Istanbul, and landed at Barcelona El Prat Airport (by Pegasus)

We booked a car from the Firefly office at El Prat Airport and our one-week-long adventures started. 

This trip took us from Barcelona to Girona, then to Roses and Cadaques, and then back to Figueras to visit World famous Salvador's Dali museum, then again back to Costa Brava. Superb hotels and even a 2-hour drive to Andorra.  Did I mention a stop at one of the most popular gay resorts in the world? 

Below you will find more detailed descriptions of places we visited:


Spain is a very budget-friendly country - we got the car for about EUR 68 for a week, for gas we spent approximately the same. Hotels ranged from EUR 40 - to EUR 130. 

I hope this guide could inspire you for your Catalonia trip. 


Catalonia: First impressions of Girona - Cathedral of Girona, Jewish Quarter

23 October, 2014 | seen 1,751
This probably will be a long photo article, with few comments on each of the photo. It was my first time visiting Spain, and stop of Girona came just right after we landed in Barcelona, rented a nice Renault Megane car from Fire Fly…

Hotel Ultonia Review in Girona

24 October, 2014 | seen 1,051
During our first day on our Catalonia trip for a first night, we stayed at Girona - Hotel Ultonia. For a start I must admit - I wanted to book another less expensive hotel, but that was out of city center - so hell, for a sake of a couple…

Exploring Catalonia: from Roses to Cadaques

25 October, 2014 | seen 3,941
On our second day on Catalonian trip, we left Girona and headed to Roses (Girona municipality) and after a short 5 minute stay at Roses we headed to Cadaques (Girona municipality). I decided to stick with motto: one picture can say more…

Hotel Tarongeta Review in Cadaques

26 October, 2014 | seen 1,267
We stayed at hotel Tarongeta in Cadaques in our second day trip to Catalonia, Spain. You can read my photo article - covering Cadaques here. Choice of Tarongneta was made spontaneous and all agreements regarding accommodation was made on…

Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain

28 October, 2014 | seen 3,663
In our second day trip to Spain we visited Salvador Dali Museum located in town of Figueres.  I can tell you just one - This has finally happened - had heard so much about this great place before and now I actually visited it. There are…

Hotel Es Cel de Begur Review in Begur, Spain

29 October, 2014 | seen 1,456
On our third Spain trip day we stayed overnight at one of the interesting hotels I have ever stayed - Es Cel de Begur Hotel at Bergur. We booked this hotel on it offered a huge savings, instead of paying EUR 400 we paid for…

Peratallada - a Charming Stone Building Town in Catalonia, Spain

30 October, 2014 | seen 2,967
When we left a charming hotel in Begur, we straight headed to a little and charming medieval town of Peratallada, which is located some 22 km east of Girona, and some 15 km west of Begur. Here are 22 pictures I made at this lovely town:…

Hotel Globos Review in Sitges, Spain

31 October, 2014 | seen 1,203
One of the things I like about hotels is not to plan a stay at hotel before. No bookings, no planning. Just pass by, if you like it - go into it, and ask for a room and price. The best of this is bargain. So did happened this time, after…

Sitges - a Popular Resort Town in Spain

2 November, 2014 | seen 1,742
During our Spain trip, we visited many interesting towns and places, like town of Girona, Salvadors Dali museum at Figueras, charming stone building town Peratallada, Begur, Roses and Cadaques and other. Now was turn for a popular resort…

Road to Andorra

6 November, 2014 | seen 1,592
During our one week trip in Spain, region of Catalonia, we did a lot of driving. We drove almost all around Catalonia, stayed at lovely Costa Brava townlets - and you know what? It's more than enough with one week - and you are sick and…

Andorra - First Impressions

9 November, 2014 | seen 1,329
Have you ever heard something of a tiny microstate of Andorra? I had, but my knowledge was short - so short, I didn't realize the precise location of it - I mean, I knew it's somewhere sandwiched between Spain, France or maybe France and…

Hotel Gaspa Review in Ordino, Andorra

11 November, 2014 | seen 1,394
One thing I like about travel - is to choose hotels on site (who needs a booking systems? ). So did happen this time, when we chose this 2 star hotel in Ordino, Andorra. As you might already now, Andorra is a tinny micro state sandwiched…

Spontaneous Visit of Montserrat Mountain, Spain

12 November, 2014 | seen 1,497
Another spontaneous idea of visiting Montserrat Mountain arrived at our heads, after Google Maps misguided us from the main traffic road to Barcelona, and we went on the wrong direction - but hey -  we noticed a sign directing to…

My Barcelona Travel Guide - La Rambla, La Boqueria Market, Park Guell and even La Sagrada Familia

19 November, 2014 | seen 4,467
This happened at the last days of October 2014, when after a week long travels around Catalonia we finally returned back to our starting point - Barcelona. And so we decided to visit some local attractions. We all probably are familiar…

Hotel Hesperia Sant Just in Barcelona Review

23 November, 2014 | seen 1,352
We stayed at this hotel about a month ago, during our one week Catalonia trip, in which we actually drive even to Andorra, so this hotel was our last hotel in Spain before departing back to Georgia. To book this hotel we chose…