November 2018 Dividend Income Report - $111.60

Updated: 5 December, 2018 seen 401

Welcome to the nineteenth (#19) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks, peer to peer lending (both fiat and cryptocurrencies) in November 2018. 

In case you are wondering why I'm sharing online my earnings - the answer is pretty simple -  back in January 2017, I set a goal to reach one million dollars in my bank account by the time I will turn 60 (27, 26 years still to go). I believe in transparency and sharing dividend income reports every month helps me to observe my personal progress or bounces. Hopefully, those reports can give some inspiration to you as well. (If so, please leave a short comment below).

In short, last November was neither good nor bad, I managed to crack $100/mo milestone, and I hope I will never be under $100/mo. Anyhow last month dividend income doesn't impress me at all. That's how it works I believe. Greed. Greed is good!

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Interest income in November 2018

From the stocks, peer to peer lending and from cryptocurrency lending on I got following income last month:

Ticker 2018 2017
Mintos €40.73 €40.17
LON:BGLF €22.50 €0.00
LNA1L €8.64 €3.55
EDF €6.74 €0.00
NHCBHFFT €6.50 €0.00
CLM €6.20 €0.00
EDI €5.09 €0.00
Poloniex €1.76 €1.27
Total €98.16 €44.99

Total: EUR 98.16 / USD 111.60

In total there were 8 great companies paying us dividends in November, that's 5 companies more when compared to the November 2017

The YoY growth rate for my dividend income in November is 119.90%. That is a USD 60.85  growth YOY.. Would love to see YOY rate at least USD 100, but I will take it. 

Monthly income to the date

The cumulative earnings for 2018 now are at  $1,306.26  which is exactly 108.86% from my goal of 2018 ($1200). Awesome I have beaten already y yearly goal and there is still one month till the end of the year. 2018 has been great for my dividend income. 

2017 in Review and Financial Goals for 2018

Monthly Income chart as of November 2018

Monthly Income chart as of November 2018

As I have already reached my yearly goal I will just enjoy a ride next month.

Goals for November 2019

This is my favorite part of the reports - trying to forecast/set goals for the next year. But before setting goals for November 2019 dividend income, let's see what I forecasted for this November a year ago:

If looking from today's perspective I cannot see making more than $70 a year later. Still, a year is a plenty of time, and I will stick with a more optimistic $100/mo for November 2018

Wow, I just did it, I crossed two milestones, which seemed like a mission impossible a year ago. That mostly thanks to the I have started to add to my portfolio monthly/ quarterly paying US stocks.

When setting goal/forecast for November 2019 I have a $180 goal for the next year. Again, from today's perspective, hard but doable. Let me explain- November is one of the slowest months in my portfolio, there are not many stocks paying me dividends in November. To get to the $180 goal, I should raise my dividend income by about  $70 for next year. Hard, but doable.