Welcome to the forty-third (#43) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks and peer to peer lending in November 2020.

Last November we spent in Latvia, did several trips here and there. I had a chance to play with my latest DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, made some really nice HDR photos, hyper lapses, and more.

St Nicholas Naval Cathedral in Karosta

St Nicholas Naval Cathedral in Karosta

From the perspective of dividend income - Last November was quite Okay (compared to previous months of the year, but not so Okay if compared to November 2019). We took $140 in dividend income last month. I would wish more for an almost 4 years old dividend portfolio, but things are as they are.

Compared to the previous November in 2019, when we took $260 in dividend income, our monthly dividend has decreased by -45.98%  (-$119.74). A year ago we did set a goal to take at least $320 this month, now this didn't happen. 

Luckily, an additional $1,479.60 was made from options trading.  

As options trading is not a passive form of making money while you are sleeping it wouldn't be fair to include them in dividend income reports.

Check out our options income report here: November 2020 Options Income Report - $1,479.6

If counted all together (dividends + options) it seems we have made $1,620.27 in total last month.

We were able to generate about 7.15% income yield from our portfolio value last November (that's about 85.8% annualized)

One of our monthly goals is to generate at least a 2.5% income yield from the portfolio. As longs it's above it - it's awesome.

Interest income in November 2020

From the stocks and peer to peer lending we got the following income last month:

Ticker Earnings
BGLF €36.30
T $22.01
ET $18.34
PBCT $12.79
Mintos €10.28
RA $7.02
EDI $6.49
EDF $4.51
O $2.97

Total EUR 121.27 / USD 140.67

In total there were 9 companies paying us dividend in November 2020 that is 4 companies less than in November 2019

Monthly income

I've been tracking my journey towards million dollars in a savings account since January 2017. Almost 4  years already

Monthly dividend Income chart as of November 2020

Monthly dividend Income chart as of November 2020

The cumulative dividend income for 2020 now is $1,621.10  which is just shy 45% from my goal of 2020 ($3,600). To reach my goal in December, it would be asked to generate about $2.000 dividend income next month. This is something I'm pretty sure won't happen next December

2019 in Review and Financial Goals for 2020

Goals for November 2021

This is my favorite part of these reports - trying to forecast/set goals for the next year. But before setting a goal for 2021, let's see what I forecasted/said a year ago (November 2019)

For November 2020, I will set a $320 goal. It should be easy.

Ahh, what a surprise, we didn't get there, not even close. our dividend stock portfolio wasn't immune to the market downturn and most of our stocks get trimmed or halted dividend payments. In the case of recovery, there is hope.

I will be optimistic and say we are still looking to crack that $200/mo goal in November 2021

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