One day experiment with Facebook scheduled posts

Updated: 31 January, 2016 seen 891

I must admit - I'm huge fan of scheduling things. It makes life much easier. As you might noticed even this blog works hand to hand with scheduled posts.

Today I decided to make an experiment with scheduled Facebook posts for a page.


I have created and maintain a portal Tourgeorgia.EU - Georgia related tourism information - hotels, attractions and our pride - collections of great places in Georgia. We have a Facebook fan page, where on irregular basis we post links to our website. We have modest 525 fans (16.11.2013).

Yesterday and today I'm promoting this Facebook fan page, and it's expected that by end of the day we will have around 740 fans.

To acquire a new fans is one thing. Other thing is to convert them to site visitors,and even to a customers, right?

So I have scheduled 15 posts each round hour one post. Starting 09:00 AM, ending 11:00 PM.

What are my expectations now?

It's hard to tell.. Since we have 525 fans, and by evening it should increase to 740.. it would be great, if each post would reach around 60-70 viewers, and each post would lead to 2-3 visitors to site? By total giving at least 30 visits to site.

If so - then such tactics isn't bad at all, right? If not - we should investigate which posts converts better, and try again? Right? :)

I'll post results of experiment at my blog soon