Pheasant’s Tears Restaurant Sighnahghi

Updated: 18 January, 2022 seen 292

Pheasant's Tears is an awesome and authentic restaurant serving authentic Georgian cuisine. The restaurant is located in Sighnaghi, some 120km from the nation's capital Tbilisi.

We have heard a lot about this place in the past but actually visited it for the first time in June 2020, while driving around the region of Kakheti.

The little yard at Peasant's Tears restaurant in Sighnaghi

Pheasant’s Tears was born out of a love of authentic tradition, and culture and endless creativity. It is more than a winery, it's about songs, cuisine, art, heritage, tangible and intangible.  For wine is born out of a confluence of the spirit of a place, its geology, its history, and the emotions of the vitner himself. In the end, a dialogue between nature and man, a fine tension between respect for the past and creating a new experience for tomorrow.  Traditions here are seen as the nourishing soul for improvisation and respectful evolution.

Gia Rokashvili the chef at Peasant's Tears

I had a chance to meet friendly chef at the place. On the question, could we see the menu, he showed us the big black blackboard, I couldn't resist taking a photo.

The kitchen is led by Gia Rokashvili who goes himself to the farmer’s market everyday adapting the menu to what the forests, rivers, and meadows offer us combined with responsible local farmers goods.  The idea is simple juxtapositions of very tasty ingredients, inspired largely by the way Georgian’s eat at home rather than restaurant food, that being said Gia loves cuisines from around the world and quietly tweaks his dishes according to the emotion of the moment.

Inside interior at Peasat's tears

We didn't try but turns out they are also making their own wine.

The Peasant's Tears wine

Wines at Pheasant’s Tears are fermented and aged in qvevri, a unique Georgian vessel used to ferment and store wine. 

Aubergine at Peasant's tears

We didn't know what we actually would like, and the chef GIa recommended to try these lovely aubergine hot salads, they were just amazing.

Pork Mvacdi

The Bottom Line

One of the best food experiences in Georgia. Our bill here about GEL 70. We will return here more.