Postcards from Athens

Just like in the case of postcards from Istanbul, we had just a few hours to spend in Athens, Greece, between layover flight to Chania (Crete). 

Equipped with camera and adventurous spirit we dive in the narrow streets of Athens to discover it's beauty and visit some ancient sites.

Square in Athens

One of our first stops in the city center arriving from Athens airport. 

Graffiti in Athens

View towards Athens

From distance Athens seems very similar to Tbilisi, the place from above picture reminded me some scenes from our hiking trips in Tbilisi near Turtle lake. See: Hiking in Tbilisi - Turtle lake (Kus Tba) - Vake Park

Archeological excavations in Athens

Streets of Athens

There is a metro station somewhere around, here I bought a sim card from Vodafone, see Planing a trip to Greece: How to get a Prepaid SIM Card with Internet

Ancient site of Agora

Read more here: Ancient Agora of Athens

Modern architecture in Athens

That said - another city, another postcards from