Postcards from Telavi

It was on an overcast day, we decided to leave our cozy room at Chateau Mere hotel and go explore Telavi. I've been to Telavi several times, and I always thought there is nothing much to see, except the Telavi market or try khinkali at Kafe - Bari Zodiako. Turns out I was wrong - Telavi has to offer much more.

At hotel reception desk we asked for a city taxi to arrive and pick us up and just drive and explore nearby vicinity. The result - Telavi is really cool small town, without doubts I'm looking to return and explore more.

Central square in Telavi

Despite an overcast day I managed to capture a lovely panoramic photography at central Telavi square (next to the musem)

Park in Telavi

What a lovely observation point. Not to speak about interesting formations in the park - rocks and hipster style chairs.

Monument and tree

Frankly speaking before post processing these images I felt pretty sceptical about the result. Turns out even in overcast days you can capture interesting scenes.

Bridge in Telavi

Lines and shapes, grey and green. Lovely, tranquil mood from Telavi,