Winter in Georgia: Gombori Pass

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Some call Gombori pass - A Picturesque Road To Kakheti, here at  Piece of Life we can only agree. The road indeed is spectacular

If you don't have problems with endless turns or drastic changes of elevation and air pressure, then Gombori road is your road of choice to Kakheti. The pass itself peaks at 1620 meters above sea level.

Gombori road is spectacular at any time of year. Small idyllic villages, magnificent sceneries of Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains, panoramic views, sheep flocks, ancient forests, beautiful meadows and sea of clouds are just a short list of what awaits you on this road.

At the start of January 2020, we left our cozy Tbilisi apartment to travel to Tsinandali, our road us via Gombori pass, and it started to snow.

Snow in Gombori pass

Snow in Gombori pass

The Tsiv-Gombori is a mountain range in the Georgian section of Greater Caucasus mountains. It is located in the province of Kakheti, eastern Georgia, and stretches to the distance of 107 km, with the highest mountain being at 1,991 m above sea level.

The Gombori range serves as a watershed, separating the Alazani and Iori river valleys, thereby dividing Kakheti into two traditional regions: inner (Shida) and outer (Gare). The slopes of the range are traversed by several smaller river gorges. The Alazani passes through the mountain range affecting the overall climatic conditions in the region. Mariamjvari Strict Nature Reserve is located in the southern side of the range. Both northern and southern slopes are home to pine forests.

Gombori pass

Gombori pass


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