Winter in Georgia: Gombori Pass


Some call Gombori pass - A Picturesque Road To Kakheti, here at  Piece of Life we can only agree. The road indeed is spectacular If you don't have problems with endless turns or drastic changes of elevation and air pressure, then Gombori road is your road of choice to Kakheti. The pass itself peaks at 1620 meters above sea level. Gombori road is spectacular at any time of year. Small idyllic villages, magnificent sceneries of Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains, panoramic views, sheep…

Winter near The Baltic Sea (Dubulti beach, Jūrmala)


In today's Piece of Life series, a couple of HDR's from the Baltic sea (more precisely Dubulti beach in Jūrmala, Latvia) Pinewoods, frozen sea and cold fresh air. Frozen Baltic sea Would love to return here in Summer. Restaurant Orizonte in Dubulti beach Pinewoods near Dubulti beach

Winter in Bākūži 2 - 2018


A couple of weeks ago I made a couple of HDR's back at Bākūži (Bākūži Winter 2018), despite it was still a winter, we had little to no snow back then. Now at the end of February 2018, I made some more photos - let's say this - there is still room to grow to reach the levels of the fairytale in Tbilisi, but still lovely. Snow, frozen pond, and lonely rock garden see it for yourself Car parked next to the pond Pile of firewood Still needs to be processed Rock garden in Winter The…

Deep in The Forest (Winter Edition)


It was on some February's (2018) afternoon, we decided to make a simple hiking in very familiar to us Latvian forests, unfortunately, the temperature outside was way too freezing and our hiking ended after some 15 minutes, fortunately, I managed to capture some HDR's here. Followers of Piece of Life series will recognize this forest from Deep in the Forest or Wandering In The Woods B&W Photography series.  Winter in Latvia No mushrooms or will berry this time of the year. Marvelous…

Bākūži Winter 2018


Made a couple of HDR's back at Bākūži, the country house where for the last couple of years we have done some home remodeling. In today's Piece of Life series, simple winter mood from Latvian winter (January 2018) Fishpond A decent level of water, not to say more, see: Waiting For The Water Level To Rise In The Pond Back view of the house Apple orchard For those of you interested how it all started, see: Home Remodelling - How It All Starts

Georgia in Winter (Photos from Tbilisi)


There is a good reason to visit Georgian skiing resorts in Gudauri, Bakuriani or Mestia if you are up to a winter holidays in Georgia. See: Gudauri - Georgian Winter Capital for skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and heli-skiing On the other hand, here at Piece of Life series, we love to feature and document photo stories happening around us. A simple thing like a snow in Tbilisi (which is rare, actually) or Total Lunar Eclipse makes us to leave our cozy apartment and go out and document.  A…

Tbilisi - Fairyland in Winter


It was an early morning at the end of January when my better part awakened me and told me - hey, it's snowing - it's time to make those lovely and socially sharable Tbilisi winter photos! That's exactly we actually did - after some five minutes the coffee was served, and 10 minutes later we were already on street catching a taxi. I was so excited of seeing a snow (again, after some 3 weeks, previously I seen it back in Italy, when we did a week long trip there, and prior to that - in Gudauri,…

Tbilisi First Snow


First snow appeared today on Tbilisi streets. Made some random photography of it. Update: I have created much better quality Tbilisi winter photos. Read more: Tbilisi - Fairyland in Winter Snow in Tbilisi Its snowing on Tamar Mephe street Police patrol in Tbilisi streets Tbilisi Railway Station