Welcome to another Tbilisi "restaurant" review. This time I would like to talk about Public Coffee on Aghmashenebeli avenue (Right next to McDonald's).

The reason I enjoy this place - because they have toasts and delicious Cappuccino, It's one of the rare places in Tbilisi, I like to have my morning coffee and breakfasts.

Visit of this place will cost you a bit more than average but in most cases service and food will be delicious.

Entrance at Public Coffee

Inside interior at Public Coffee

Inside interior at Public Coffee

Inside interior at Public Coffee

Cappuccino at Public Coffee (Price ~4,90 GEL)

Crepes at Public Coffee (~5,90 GEL)

This was first time I tasted crepes at this Public coffee - though they are eatable, I wouldn't call them a real crepe - salads in a pancake, hold ham (I wouldn't recommend crepes at Public Coffee)

Greek salads at Public Coffee (Price ~ 8,90 GEL)

Toast of egg and chese

The main reason I enjoy Public Coffee is because of their toasts and cappuccino. Though ordering here a toast is a pretty the same as to play a lottery, there might be times when cheese is cold or toast is overburden. In 80% cases they are gone be fine, but I have warned you.

P.S. They have tasty pizzas at Public Coffee as well.

Location & Map
96 Aghmashenebeli Avenue Georgia
Coordinates: 41.709747 44.796896