Record numbers of visitors visit Georgia - hoax or true?

Today and yesterday I was reading some articles, claiming that record number of foreigners have visited Georgia in 2013. 

According to Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia - 5 365 356 foreigners crossed Georgian border in 2013.

Why I dont like this data?

Well in 2013, I have crossed Georgian border for some 6 times I guess. 3 times leaving and 3 times entering. So one me accounts for at least 3 times, right? It depends how to count.

Ok, lets dig deeper:

Georgian side have canceled VISA regime for Russian citizens, by knowing fact that many, I will not name the number, Georgians live in Russia, and obtains Russian passport, and since Mikheil Saakashvili is no more in office, are visiting their homeland country. By the way, Russian citizens entering Georgia, have the 4th highest rate. Turkey, Armenia, and Azarbaijan, ranking 1st. 

About Turkey side I have more questions, Sarpi - the Turkey/Georgia border some 18 km of Batumi - many Georgians do some smaller trade by entering Turkey, purchasing some goods and returning to Georgia. How many times they have been counted, and maybe as Turkish citizens? 

In 2013, I haven't crossed Sarpi border check, but in 2012 and 2011, I have crossed it for some 20 times at least. You may laugh, but not for tradding purposes - I really like Turkey, and some 200 km from Sarpi border check there is a Trabzon Airport, offering connections to rest of Turkey.

So, yes - the number is good, but is it counted right?

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