Red Cafe Tbilisi (Near Marjanishvili Theatre)

Red Cafe Tbilisi is another interesting place to visit if you are looking for an all-day brunch menu. It seems that lately, brunch menus have been very popular across Tbilisi restaurants.

Stylish, elegant. Pretty interesting menu items. One of the rare places not serving Turkish coffee, even when I asked to make one especially for me. Instead of Turkish coffee, you can get here some Ethiopian, as I'm not a coffee geek I don't care is it Ethiopian, Colombian or Arabica. But yes, for those of you looking for a place where to enjoy an Ethiopian coffee in Tbilisi - think Red Cafe.

It's hard to understand why this pace is named Red, as I didn't find much red in exterior or interior. And that's good - I would probably avoid visiting a place with red walls or ceiling (not good for vestibular apparatus).

Interior at Red Cafe

Interior at Red Cafe

Now, what I was really surprised was the food items on the brunch menu. A typical burger with Georgian spices and seasoning. I did dare to order such, and  - well - burgers are burgers, it's not advisable to experiment with them. It was OK, but I wouldn't try it again. Instead of a juicy meatball  - a chicken with garlic sauce. Well - at least it was said it will be a Georgian style burger. I did get what I ordered. 

Georgian style burger at Red Cafe

Georgian style burger at Red Cafe

French fries seasoned with Tkemali, instead of ketchup. Well, original no doubts. Does it taste good? Sure! Does it tastes like a burger with french fries? No!

Lobio in pot with corn bread

Lobio in pot with cornbread and jonjoli.

Well, a typical Georgian cuisine. Delicious.

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