Welcome to another Tbilisi Restaurant review. Today I will speak about a Cafe Accent. Though they call themselves a cafe - I prefer to use a word restaurant.

I believe this place is a new in Tbilisi opened just recently, we found it on local Georgian groupon clone site (hotsale.ge) - we bought a coupon for a steak, wine and a tiramisu.

Though Cafe Accent is located in the heart of Tbilisi Old Town on Gorgasali street, we had a problems of actually finding it. Our first attempt to locate this place ended unsuccessful, after being lost somewhere on Vahkang Gorgasali street next to Mtkvari river, we ended our first approach of finding Cafe Accent by having our supper at other restaurant Maspindzelo.

We decided to try our luck other day, and when that happened we again almost missed this place - the signboard on a facade from street of Cafe Accent is barely seen

Hard to read sign of Cafe Accent Tbilisi

Another hard readable sign of Cafe Accent

After a few lousy minutes of thinking is it really a restaurant we went inside, luckily inside interior was almost perfect

Inside interior at Cafe Accent

I felt like I have been travelled back to Spain when stayed at a lovely hotel at Costa Brava - Hotel Begur, inside interior at Cafe Accent for some reason remind me something Spanish

Menu at Cafe Accent

I must admit I didn't find any accent at all looking at this children's style drawing menu cover

Menu at Cafe Accent

I stopped wondering what will be the next surprise after I actually opened menu - hardly readable fonts, OK I stopped wondering of these accents

We were told we should wait for our steak to be prepared, I ordered a cappuccino

Cappuccino at Cafe Accent

Well, just a regular cappuccino with two packs of brown sugar

Glass of Red Wine at Cafe Accent

Steak served with mashed potatoes and green asparagus

In overall it tasted pretty good, maybe asparagus was a little bit over boiled, but yeah - pretty good. 

Tiramisu at Cafe Accent

I really enjoyed tiramisu here - hadn't tasted better tiramisu in Tbilisi.

The bottom line

Cafe Accent is a new place in Tbilisi, and they are trying hard to serve best. The prices here are a little bit pricey compared to other Tbilisi restaurants, but that's because of they are located in Tbilisi Old Town (though not on tourist street)

Frankly speaking I doubt I would came here to eat steaks but I will gladly come here more to enjoy some tiramisu with a cup of cappuccino.

Location & Map
Vakhtang Gorgasali Square Georgia
Coordinates: 41.689516 44.808689