With Rising Ethereum Price I'm making $5.22 daily by Mining Cryptos - And I Definitely Want MORE!

Each time I add some new graphics card to my existing gpu mining rig or some other major happenings happens I make a quick update into the blog. 

There are two major updates since my latest post from cryptocurrency mining experiments - I have installed another gpu card (in total there are 3, with a hash power of about 40 MH/s) and second, in the past day's price for Ethereum are reaching new ATH (All Time High) been set at $1,430 as of writing this (January 13, 2018).

Those of you following my blog lately already know - in December I decided to build 12 GPU mining rig and ordered goodies from Amazon. In total spending about $1,365.  The total investment right now covers just the core minimum - motherboard, power supply, PCI risers, RAM, processor and just 3 graphics cards.

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The fun fact is - currently I'm mining with 3 different graphics cards - AMD RX 560, GTX 1060 and GTX 1050. As mentioned above - giving hash power of about 40 MH/s (which is about one-third of the planned power for 2018)

I haven't made yet separate reviews for each card, but promise to do that very soon, make sure to check servers section on the blog, not to miss an important update. Also, I have review of AMD RX 560 here: Mining with SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon™ RX 560 4GD5 Review

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Now, it has been a couple of days since there are 3 graphics cards spinning, and it's time to see how well do they perform

  Hashing Power   Mined Coins Exchange Rates Earnings      
GPU ETH SC Invested ETH SC ETH SC ETH SC Total How many days
3 40.95 246 $1,365 0.00346924 3.8 $1,401.08 $0.06 $4.86 $0.22 $5.08 268

I find it od, that after adding the third gpu the total mined ETH coins have actually decreased if compared to about 2 weeks ago when with less hashing power (~28MH/s) I actually mined more coins than now. It's either because of difficulty increase for mining ether or there are some problems with reporting. See: Dwarpool.com Review 2018 - Mining Ethereum at 28MH/s

Cryptocompare Ethereum mining calculator

Cryptocompare Ethereum mining calculator

There is a slight error from reported mining profitability from Cryptocompare Ethereum Calculator and actual stats from Dwarfpool. I still have to figure it out why, theoretically I should mine 0.004625 coins per day, but I'm getting just 0.00346924. Seems I should experiment with other mining pools also, to see if there is some glitch or what. Honestly speaking I have no clue. 

Still, 5 bucks per day is nice, it's more than I was making from dividend payments or peer to peer lending in 2017, see: Dividend Income

As I'm using Claymore Dual miner, there is one more coin I'm mining - Siacoin and surprisingly, but this coin have gone up in value a lot lately, helping to boost total profit from mining operations. See: Is It Profitable Mining Siacoin (SC) in 2018?

Also, I should add, that the total ROI has decreased from 430 days to 268 days - a very nice 162 day gain. I still feel a bit worried about of such steep ETH price increase, it has doubled in just two weeks. I don't see there any good reason why Ethereum wouldn't reach $2,000 in 2018.

Alternatively I've been experimenting with cloud contracts from Hashflare, and currently if combined together - both Hashflare and my existing GPU mining rig makes me about $6.50 - $7.00 daily or about $200/mo. 

HashFlare.io (Affiliate link here - if you will click, register and decide to invest, I might earn 10% commission from that) - Estonia based cloud mining company

Please note - I'm not a financial advisor, services mentioned in this article use at your own risk and remember your capital is at risk, you could lose some or all of your money.

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