Sorrel Soup With Hard-Boiled Eggs (Photo Recipe)

Updated: 28 October, 2015 seen 506

Today we will prepare one of mine all times favorite soup - Sorrel soup.

The idea for this blog post come out of my 365 days photo project, when everyday I'm taking some picture in Manual mode and publish it to my Flickr account. Since the strong jury didn't enjoyed my entry photo with sliced onion for day 13 I was literally taken to the kitchen and all I has to do  - just to photograph. One image speaks thousands words! Enjoy!

Ingredients: Sorrels, carrots, smoked meat, potatoes, dills, parsley, some onion and some seasoning.

Start with grated carrots:

Grated carrot

Chop that meat

Dills and parley

Sliced potatoes

Now bring all the above ingredients to some pot (before you should boil some water in it)

Boiling sorrel soup

Scissors and sorrels

Now, you should add sorrel to your soup at the end. Take scissors and nicely slice your sorrels. You can of course use knife, but I prefer scissors

chopped sorrels

Hard boiled egg

Your sorrel soup ready to be served

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