Taverna En Plo in Chania

Updated: 24 February, 2022 seen 230

This was a very long and tiring day, in the morning we left Tbilisi to travel to Athens, spent whole day there, and in the evening fled to Chania, Crete, after we checked in at out apartment in Chania, I took a tripod and we made a lovely evening photo walk.

Our evening ended at this nice Greek tavern - En Plo on Portou street 20. 

En Plo seems is a quite popular tourist place, we hardly managed to get a free table here once we get one we spent a good time of waiting our order to be taken.

En Plo tavern in Crete

En Plo tavern in Chania, Crete

This place offers a kind of typical Greek menu (Cretan) - wide variety of grilled meats and so on. We decided to stick with a platter for two for about EUR 35.

Because of a lot of people tonight, we had to wait about an hour for our meal to be served, though cokes and other drinks were served almost instantly. 

Grilled meat plate at En Plo

Grilled meat plate at En Plo

A oot of variety of meet under potatoes there, grilled sausages, steaks and so on. Tasty. Probably served in a touristic way, but still tasty and affordable. 

After our meal we were offered free ouzo drinks, we kindly rejected by promising to return for some ouzu next time :)

The Bottom Line

Pretty good place, cozy outdoor sitting area, well prepared meal - a little bit longer waiting times. Tourist friendly and yes free ouzo for everyone :)

Our bill here about EUR 50


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