Tbilisi - Akhaltsikhe by Minibus: Cost, Time & Distance

Updated: 15 February, 2017 seen 6,036

As an indie traveler, I prefer to travel in Georgia by mini buses, they are cheap and most often the fastest way to get from one point in Georgia to another.

Not always, but most often (for example, I would prefer railway to travel from Tbilisi to Batumi over minibus).

My first time when I visited Akhaltsikhe was in July 2014, during our 2 day rafting trip. Back then we had a little time to explore Akhaltsikhe and I decided - we must return here another time for a longer stay.

That day came at the start of January 2015 -  we booked a superb hotel at a superb location in Akhaltsikhe, see Hotel Rabath & Gino Wellness Review in Akhaltsikhe

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Turns out mini buses heading to Akhaltsikhe departs both from Didube station and from Tbilisi Railway Station. You can travel to Borjomi as well, using Tbilisi - Akhaltsikhe minibus


Price per person was 8 GEL

Distance and driving time

Distance from Tbilisi to Akhaltiskhe is around 207 km. Travel time should be around 2 and a half hours (2.5h)


Basically there is one minibus departing every hour or 40 minutes starting 6AM till 7PM 


Tbilisi -  Akhaltsikhe minibus

City minibuses parked near Tbilisi Railway Station

Building close to Tbilisi Railway Station

Liqueur store with entrance from carriageway

Minibuses at Akhaltsikhe (close to Rabati Castle Complex)

Timetable at Akhaltsikhe minibus station

Scenic Sights during Akhaltsikhe - Tbilisi ride