I'm starting a new Drupal series - Drupal Tuesday, from now on - every Tuesday, Drupal related articles will be featured on my blog.(at least I hope so) 

It's not that I wouldn't had any previous Drupal tips and tricks, In fact I have more than 100 Drupal related articles already in archive.

Just recently I started working with Drupal 8, and since it involves a new learning curve even for me - I decided to refresh my skills and write down notes.

Let's start with a really simple issue - removing site name from Drupal 8.

What at start seems like a simple issue, might turn out to be a imminent problem. The truth is - it's super simple, but a little bit complicated if you come with a Drupal 7 background.

Let's hide site name the Drupal 8 way

For hiding site name in Drupal 8, we will need to go to the blocks structure (amazing, why I spent an hour trying to figure out why it's not under configuration section?)

Search for a block site branding (it should be in header section)

Site Branding Drupal 8

Site Branding Drupal 8

Click on the configure button:

Hiding Drupal Site Name

Hiding Drupal Site Name

Under the Toggle branding elements uncheck Site Name

Amazing, Simple and Fast. I wish I had such simple tutorial before I spent about two hours trying to override Drupal template files.

Hope this helps, drop me a comment or contact if you need any assistance!