Invest in Cryptocurrencies - Review After One Month

Updated: 1 August, 2017 seen 1,278

Last July was the first full month I opted to invest in crypto currencies, the idea come after a brief conversation with a friend over Facebook, while I was enjoying mild Summer night in Crete, Greece.

As I had already investments and even investment strategy, since the start of 2017. Desire or FOMO (fears of missing out) to acquire crypto currencies was so huge, that I quickly developed, so called,  Dollar Cost Averaging strategy to buy and hold crypto currencies. I plan to buy 3-5 crypto currencies each month, no matter the price, by the end of 2020.

I opened an account on Coinbase, (it was easy to open an account there, but it took some time to actually get verified account and start trading) I bought ETH first, then bought additional litecoins and bitcoins, additionally I bough (exchanged) additional ripple (XRP) coins, again - FOMO. See: Why I Rushed to Buy Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency at $0.19

My first month in crypto currencies have been like a roller coaster, a complete new world have emerged for me. At one stage last month, my portfolio shrunk by more than 50%. Yes, crypto currencies are volatile as hell.

As I'm investing in peer to peer lending loans, I started to explore my options are there some offer for bitcoins and altcoins (altcoin - alternative coins, a new term I learnt last month), and found, at one point I was lending there at 30% rate annually, but soon another "shock" came - Bitcoin split or fork, and I removed all my bitcoins from exchanges and stored into a wallet, as I had another FOMO, not to miss a possibility to get free Bitcoin Cash (BCC). For that I opened a free wallet on

I paid in fees a lot more than I earned from loans or value gains (In fact, at the end of month the total gain for my crypto adventures were with a negative sign - 17.35%) - but that was a fun ride. 

Interest rate on bitcoin earned me astonishing 0.29 euro cents (I lent just for a few days both BTC and LTC in July). During the last days of August BTC interest rate climber well above 1000%, come on - it even started to look like a ponzi scheme for me. But still I feel very bullish. My BTC coins were kept away from lending during last days of August, and I actually missed to cash in at those crazy interest rates. Frankly speaking I doubt we will see such huge interest rates for a while, but seems that's pretty real in crypto world. (Sounds like Ponzi, I know)

During my discoveries with bitcoin lending I learnt there are even robo investors available, see Review - Automating Cryptocurrency Lending Free Bot Investor

In July I invested in total EUR 200, at the end of month value for my coins was just EUR 165. I lost EUR 35. Do I feel sad? Nope. Do I recommend to invest in crypto currencies? It depends.

My personal approach to investments in crypto currencies is simple - Dollar cost averaging t by the end of 2020 trying to limit my overall investments in crypto currencies at around 5% from total portfolio. 

Remember - investments are risky, never invest more you can afford to loose.

Can I afford to loose EUR 35? Turns out I can. What if price would go down to 0? I would be sad, but most probably would buy a lot more coins with EUR 200. It's relative guys. For now it looks like a game to me. 

During the month of August I've plans to order bitpay VISA card.

Also I;m going to Kiev, Ukraine next week - it would be cool to find some store to pay with bitcoins (or altcoins)

The Bottom Line

Despite my investments in crypto currencies lost me more than -17% (EUR 35 + about 8 EUR in fees), during last, and my first month, in crypto currencies. I feel very optimistic. I really feel it's like another world. I've learnt new terms, like altcoins, market cap. I've discovered there are exchanges and even possibility to lend bitcoins and other altcoins using bot investors.

Inspired and can't wait to see what future will bring to us.


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