Aachen Cathedral

27 May, 2015 seen 842
As I already stated in my previous blog post about Gothic Aachen Town Hall (Rathaus) in Germany this was my first time in Aachen and I had little not to say no clue what to see here. After a lovely breakfast at Oebel Backerei we decided to…

Gothic Aachen Town Hall (Rathaus) in Germany

26 May, 2015 seen 899
After a lovely breakfast at Oebel Backerei we decided to spend a few more minutes in this German town of Aachen. Since this was my first time at this part of Germany, and frankly speaking this was my first time of hearing the name of…

Breakfasts at 'Oebel Bäckerei' in Aachen, Germany

24 May, 2015 seen 814
If you cannot get breakfast in the Netherlands you go to Germany. That's how I could in short describe how we discovered a lovely German bakery - Oebel Backerei in Aachen (Germany). After a negative experience last night back in small…