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Best Recommended 9 Ordino Hotels in Andorra

July 11, 2015
Ordino is a small and the most northerly parish in the Principality of Andorra located very close to the nations capital city Andorra la Vella. I discovered this place by accident about a year ago. Back then I was looking for Andorra la Vella hotels, but I even didn't noticed that we have been...

10 Best Andorra la Vella Hotels

July 04, 2015
I first visited Andorra in the Autumn of 2014, during a week long travels across Spain and Andorra. You can read my first impressions of Andorra or enjoy a spectacular views we had during our drive here from a Spanish resort city Sitges.Since Andorra is a super tiny micro state, we even didn't noticed that we have...

Hotel Gaspa Review in Ordino, Andorra

November 11, 2014
One thing I like about travel - is to choose hotels on site (who needs a booking systems? ).So did happen this time, when we chose this 2 star hotel in Ordino, Andorra. As you might already now, Andorra is a tinny micro state sandwiched between Spain and France, so if you travel here by car, it's nothing tragic to...

Andorra - First Impressions

November 09, 2014
Have you ever heard something of a tiny micro state of Andorra? I had, but my knowledge was short - so short, I didn't realize the precise location of it - I mean, I knew it's somewhere sandwiched between Spain, France or maybe France and Italy or even Spain and Portugal. In oher words - yes I knew that such place...

Road to Andorra

November 06, 2014
During our one week trip in Spain, region of Catalonia, we did a lot of driving. We drove almost all around Catalonia, stayed at lovely Costa Brava townlets - and you know what? It's more than enough with one week - and you are sick and tired of completely identical seaside town lets. They are nice, they are charming...