Birtvisi Canyon

Mountain Biking At Birtvisi Canyon

10 December, 2021 41 views

Mountain biking at Birtvisi canyon / or after a long pause I took some drone footage again. Also, now I know the shortcut on how to get here in some 30-40 minutes from Tbilisi (via Amlevi). December 5, 2021

Hiking at Birtvisi Canjon

3 September, 2021 62 views

Easy Sunday hiking trip at Birtvisi Canyon + almost reached Samshvilde canyon. Quite awesome and easily doable from Tbilisi. Highly recommended! Thumbs up and enjoy the video

Admiral Fish Restaurant near Birtvisi / Algeti

29 April, 2021 396 views

Admiral Fish restaurant is located near Birtvisi canyon literally on Algeti river. We discovered this place a few years ago while hiking at Birtvisi canyon and have returned ever since, They have both a restaurant and fish farm on site,…

Hiking In Birtvisi Canyon (Hidden Trails Of Georgia)

22 March, 2015 7,657 views

The other day in the company of three we headed to Birtvisi Canyon for some hiking experience. It all started reading some info of a non-standard close to Tbilisi located destinations. And Birtvisi just popped up on this list. Turns out -…