Canon EOS 1200D

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Top 10 Best Selling Canon Digital Camera (EF / EF-S) Lenses
I'm an avid user of Canon 1200D DSLR camera user (branded under Rebel T5 in US). By now, in my arsenal there are two lenses - the kit 18-...
October 31, 2016
Understanding focal length: Testing 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses
Welcome to the another digital photography school tutorial on understanding focal length. It's not so long away when I entered magical world...
September 27, 2015
What's Aperture And How To Control It
With this post I'm starting a new and hopefully very interesting blog category - Digital Photography School on my blog (
July 14, 2015
First Impressions Of Canon EOS 1200D Camera With 18-55mm Lens
I'm not a professional photographer and never have wanted to became a pro. For years I have used my good old Sony DSC H7 camera and never have...
April 04, 2015