Dobele Castle Ruins

3 July, 2015 seen 710
Right, lets speak about a topic I like a very much - Castle ruins. Recently I visited Dobele Castle Ruins (Republic of Latvia) and spent here some 30 minutes trying to make some decent photos of this place. History of this castle dates…

Dobele Evangelical Lutheran Church

2 July, 2015 seen 669
I was surprised to learn that this church is more than 500 years old. Prior I learnt that I was even more surprised to learn that Dobele town has a lovely historical centre. This church is located just next to this historical centre. I…

The Historical Centre of Dobele - Marketplace Square

1 July, 2015 seen 673
Dobele is a small town located in historical region of Zemgale in Latvia some 60 km South West from nations capital city Riga. One thing a tourist should visit while in Dobele definitely is it's historical centre - marketplace square. In…