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How to Setup Charts with Interactive Brokers

December 24, 2019
This is a quick tutorial on how to setup / enable charts in Interactive Brokers to trade stocks, ETFs, indexes e.t.c. For the last couple of months I've been trading 0 DTE SPX, for charting using either Google Finance or Trading view - both are great to get a basic view on what's happening. Google charts...

My First Iron Condor Trade - Lessons Learned

December 03, 2019
This article has been in the blog's draft section for a couple of months and as it still bears some useful information I decided to publish as it is with little comments at the end. On August 13, 2019 I made my first Iron Condor trade - I sold following IC SPY AUG 14'19 294 / 284 / 293 / 283.5 @ 0.51 This...

Converting Currency Balances (EUR/USD) Interactive Brokers / Lynx Trader

August 25, 2018
A time ago I opened a brokerage account with Lynx Broker, which turns out is affiliated with Interactive Brokers. As I opened my account from Europe, by default my base currency was set to EUR, which in fact is nice and neat, as SEPA transfers from my bank to brokerage account happens almost instantly (in the same...