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Top 3 Things to do in Kazdanga, Latvia

December 18, 2018
I first discovered the small Latvian town Kazdanga back in Summer of 2015, since then I've returned here for many times. Kazdanga is located near the motorway P117 some 9 km from the Aizpute and 167 km from Riga. In today's article, I decided to list the top 3 places/things to do once in...

Pontoon Footbridge Over Mill Lake In Kazdanga

July 10, 2018
The pontoon footbridge over Mill Lake in Kazdanga, Latvia is a recently built and opened for a public a really cool tourist attraction. Such tourist attractions seem is really gaining the momentum in Latvia, as in fact, this is already third such type of construction I've visited lately in...

Car Service in Kazdanga

December 13, 2015
If you are having troubles with engine, need to change a tire or just looking to replace oil and you are stuck in Kazdanga area (Latvia) there is one car service I can recommend. Since I believe it's the one and only one in Kazdanga, let's name it  - Kazdanga car service. At this service we fixed a leaky...

Kazdanga Mill Lake And Its Surroundings

June 14, 2015
Kazdanga Mill lake (Dzirnezers, Dzirnavu ezers in Latvian) and its surroundings is a lovely I would even say a touristic place in a small Latvian village of Kazdanga. Some one (perhaps you) will find a lot of outdoor activities to do here - starting boat ride on that lake ending cycling around this area, I learned...

Kazdanga Manor

June 11, 2015
Kazdanga manor is located in Courland historical region of  Latvia. As I have already stated back when visited SnÄ“pele manor -  Latvia is a land of old manor houses and palaces, they dates back from the times when German nobles ruled this territory. A lot of manors one (perhaps you) can find in a...