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Thunderstorm in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

August 12, 2015
We stayed in Knoxville for some 3 nights, since our motel was located pretty far away from Downtown Knoxville we traveled here by Public Transport (for a surprise they have a one). Since we didn't know much  (except Megabus is heading here) about Knoxville, we opened Wikipedia and learnt that a World's Fair ...

Washington D.C. (Super Moon & Spending Night With Homeless People)

August 09, 2015
What seemed to be one of the most interesting travel experiences turned out to be the worst travel experience and that happened in Washington D.C. back in summer of 2013 (I can actually recall it was June 22). While back in Georgia we had negotiated an accommodation in Washington D.C. using coach surfing - our...

Streets of Philadelphia

August 08, 2015
From my travel notes to the United States back in 2013. Just as from the World famous Bruce Springsteen song, we too experienced this lovely phenomena  called - streets of Philadelphia. Update: I wish I was a better photographer back then, as all of the photos from that trip were...

Dallas-Houston first high-speed rail in United States by 2021

December 27, 2014
Back in 2013 we made an Epic journey though United States, it all started at JFK Airport (NYC) and ended in Houston, TX, though we had plans to cross the continent and reach the West Coast, it didn't happened - for two simple reasons: 1) We travelled cheap using Megabus company 2) We were sick and tired of such...