Okatse Canyon and hanging cliff trail with a platform


Okatse Canyon is another breathtaking landmark in beautiful Georgia. The main tourist attraction at Okatse canyon probably is the 780 m long hanging cliff trail with the 20m long platform at the trail end, hanging above the canyon and providing panoramic views.  The canyon is located some 50km west of Kutaisi, Georgia. I first visited Okatse canyon at the start of September 2021, during a weekend trip to Kutaisi and the area, see: Kutaisi Trip / Tskaltubo, Okatste canyon, Kinchkha waterfall,…

Kutaisi Trip / Tskaltubo, Okatste canyon, Kinchkha waterfall, Martvili


UFO-shaped but abandoned spa sanatoriums, hot pools near stalactite caves, waterfalls, and canyons. Rivers and great cuisine. shortly put another great weekend has been recorded. Tskaltubo, Okatse, Martvili, Kutaisi and more. 

Okatse Canyon - Emerald - Green Journey in Georgia


Tourist destinations can vary from fancy shops and restaurants to alienated deserts and unknown highways that may lead nowhere. Being a tourist equals to explorer’s profession with a blank map under one’s arm and a pocketful of desired adventures. Georgia - the county that has gained a great popularity among tourists reveals its secrets year by year with an endless trust and kindheartedness. Places once sacred and sacramental hidden under the tree crowns shyly become the prior tourist…